Thursday, November 5, 2015

Animal Chiropractor (part 1 of 2)

D.D. Palmer of United States of America developed Chiropractic in the year 1895.  Today it is practiced in about 100 years. However the medical fraternities do not accept this practice as scientific.  

The chiropractic philosophy is based on the fact that living organism contains some elements which cannot be explained by the material concept. They philosophically assert that living beings are made up of matters which have a material form and are also made up of subtle elements which cannot be realized materially.

This philosophy separates chiropractic from other forms of medicine like allopathic.  Naturalism, rationalism and holism are some of the philosophical elements which constitute chiropractic.

Animal chiropractor focuses mainly on the relationship which exists between the spine and the nervous system. How one affects the other and what are the corrective measures which one can adopt in order to treat the animals are some of the areas on which an animal chiropractor focuses. The animal chiropractor also studies the musculo-skeletal system deeply; this helps them to diagnose the cause of the problem in a more effective manner.  

It is often recommended that a vet should be referred before taking the help of an animal chiropractor. The vet will determine the primary cause of the problem and may recommend for a chiropractor. In minor cases the problem may fix up on its own but if the problem persists then immediate attention is required otherwise the condition might worsen.

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