Saturday, October 10, 2015

Child Citizen Protection Act (part 1 of 2)

Various laws are made to safe guard rights of children. Child citizen protection act is one such act to safeguard their nationality.  Child citizen protection act amends the nationality and immigration act. It modifies the provisions made by the previous act. Now the child citizenship act has defined some provisions for children who are born outside United States and want to acquire citizenship.

The United States of America now uses child citizen protection act to give citizenship to children that are born outside United States. A child who is born outside United States will become a member of United States if the mother or the father has citizenship of United States. In order to get a citizenship the child should be less than 18 years old.

The child should also be ready to reside in United States of America in the legal custody of the parent. The citizen parent should also have permanent residence in United States of America. In case the parent does not have any permanent residence then the parent should have a permission to make a permanent residence.

If the child satisfies all the above conditions then only he or she is fit for American citizenship. The child automatically becomes eligible for citizenship if he or she satisfies the above requirements. If the child fails to satisfy any one the above criteria then American citizenship is denied to that child.

All the above laws are applicable to children that are adopted by parents who have American citizenship. To get the citizenship the child should be legally adopted according to the rules and regulations of United States of America.

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